NO. Taxes aren't fun...unless you're getting a refund. In that case, the number crunching, in my humble opinion, is totally worth it.

Well, this year, experts are saying that you should definitely get these tax forms submitted early. Technically they aren't due until April, but you can begin submissions tomorrow, Monday, January 28th!

First of all, with new federal tax laws, it is anticipated that most Americans will be seeing larger returns--about 25 percent or more. While the longevity of these laws seems a little sketch, get that cash this year and be strategic about it.

With new tax laws come new procedures and if you're claiming a credit, experts say this may take longer than it has in years prior to get approval from the IRS. Get this done and in!

Finally, the government is open for 3-weeks right now...many say another shutdown could be likely which WOULD affect the IRS...don't be caught up in that mess!

If you have your W-2 right now, you can for free (and without making an account / entering private information), get a tax refund estimate for a little extra motivation. Just click HERE.

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