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A woman told me she and her husband received a letter demanding 5,600 dollars.  She called my radio show.   There was a brother accused of failing to file a return for 2017.  He died two years ago.  Now the Internal Revenue Service is attempting to empty the pockets of extended family.  They apparently file and pay their own individual taxes, but are somehow now responsible for others.  The woman claimed they have a good lawyer.  They may well need one because federal bureaucrats can be relentless.

I’ll give you an example.  More than a decade ago, a friend spoke at a tea party rally.  She and her husband owned an import business, and she told the crowd some of the regulatory hurdles they had to face.  It was reported in a Sunday newspaper.  On Tuesday, five agents from the US Department of Agriculture showed up at the couple's warehouse and started tearing the place apart.

The agents found a tiny jar of bouillon cubes and said it wasn’t properly labeled.  They warned the cubes could contain a protein that causes mad cow disease and then said if a cube ended up in a pasture, then a cow could eat it and develop the disease.  Because, and I’m being facetious, people often toss the cubes into fields!  The fines put the couple out of business.  They were told if they went to the news media that they would then go to prison.  It was blatant intimidation of people who dared to publicly criticize government regulations.

Now, imagine what life is going to be like with another 87,000 IRS agents trying to find ways to justify their hiring.  With a government with an insatiable need for revenue and 30 trillion dollars of debt.

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