Our friend, Arnel, has gone exploring. That's great news since I rarely ever leave my house. This way, I can vicariously live through his video adventures. This one is a doozy as he's visited the Clay Cave near Twin Falls and found more than he bargained for.

First, a gentle word of warning. Arnel's language near the end of this one gets a little saucy. He's a colorful character and when he says bad words, it comes across like a compliment. That being said, it's a bit NSFW at the end, so consider this your warning.

If you're wondering where the Clay Cave is at, Arnel gives better directions in his video than I can explain here. Watch his video and you'll find what you need to know. Mindat.org also has a decent map that gives you the approximate location.

The interesting part of this video is Arnel and his friend hear someone else in the cave near the beginning. Problem is there's no one else there. He replays the sounds they heard near the end of the video and it's definitely weird.

I must also add that it's sad to see so much graffiti on the walls of the cave. For the life of me, I'll never understand what motivates people to deface natural stuff in the Magic Valley.

Thanks again to Arnel for being such and adventurous person. You're kind of like a Magic Valley version of Indiana Jones without the whip. Or, at least I hope it's without a whip.

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