The Jerome and Twin Falls Sheriff's departments battled it out this past Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway to a nearly sold-out crowd!  So who was crowned the "fastest Sheriff in the West"?

Twin Falls Sheriff VS Jerome Sheriff
Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office Screen Shot, | Jerome County Sheriff's Office Screen Shot,

First off, the real winner was Valley House.  The sheriff's departments where there to raise money and awareness for this local half-way house for domestic abuse victims.

OK enough stalling, congratulations to Officer Mike Wiggins from the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department:

Although Officer Mike Wiggins, of the TFCSD, won the race, it was the solid consistency of JCS drivers Deputy Jack Johnson, Deputy Cory Kehrer, and Jerome County Sheriff Doug McFall who finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively, to claim the trophy, earn the bragging rights, as well as the title of “Fastest Sheriff in the West”.

This was a serious cause and a seriously fun way to raise awareness!  Thank you to the Jerome and Twin Falls Sheriff's departments for playing along.

Here are the main event winners from last Saturday night:

  • Commercial Tire Superstock Main Event Winner:  Willie “The Outlaw” Dalton, won the main event, leading all 30 laps making all the Outlaw Racing fans very happy.
  • Brennan's Carpet Street Stock Main Event Winner:  Mitch Pehrson of Pehrson Motorsports secured his third straight main event win.  He's on a hot-streak, this is his fourth total season win.
  • Quale's Electronics Junior Stinger Main Event Winner:  Hailey Douglas entered the race with a newly built race-car and left with the win.
  • Shari's Cafe Hornets Main Event Winner:  Roy Boots took the win for the second straight week in a row.
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts Thunderdog’s Main Event Winner:  It was a bumpy ride, but it was the "Woodpecker" who took first place.

The action continues this weekend at Magic Valley Speedway, win tickets and find out what's happening this weekend HERE.

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