The liberals want to take your guns away.  Here, there and in Washington, D.C.  They tell us it’s about the children (the ones they kill in the womb are an exception, as are the ones they fill with hormone blockers).  Right now, the allies of Democrats in the news media are focused on the shooting of a black teenager in Missouri.  Wounded by an old and likely frightened white man.  The same media ignores an almost identical case near Albany, New York because it was white on white.

They’re not interested in the mass murder at an Alabama dance club because a pistol was used.  No frightening-looking AR-15 can be blamed.

Meanwhile, young people keep dying due to drug overdoses.  The conservative columnist Salena Zito points out illegal drugs are killing even babies.  Drugs that pour across an open border.  The same border the Democrats believe should be erased.

I did a quick search for a comparison.  All gun deaths in America (most involving handguns) average a little more than 40,000 a year.  Idaho, by percentage, is somewhere in the middle of the pack.  The number of all drug overdose deaths was over 106,000 in 2021.  Even a liberal should be able to grasp the difference.  Drug deaths outpace gun deaths by two and a half to one.  But then, drugs are a sacrament for many on the godless left.  Maybe that’s why the tragedy is ignored.

I don’t know for sure, but I think drug removal would be an easier step than gun confiscation.

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