If you’re out for a walk and come across a folded dollar, think twice about picking it up.  This is a link to a story out of Kansas, but I would think the warning applies across the Midwest and West.  In the short story, a guy found a folded bill out front of his house.  He opened it up and saw a stain.  Testing at a lab revealed the stain was left by methamphetamine.  Local law enforcers explain drug dealers often hide their products inside folded small bills.  If fentanyl had been tucked inside, the fellow who found the money could have been killed.

Deputies explain your skin may not absorb it, though I’ve seen some stories that suggest otherwise.  But if you touch your eyes or mouth, you could be in serious trouble.  People touch their faces hundreds to thousands of times a day.

When I was a boy, my parents didn’t like it when we picked up any money.  Especially coins.  “You don’t know where that’s been,” they would say.  For the most part, we didn’t have to worry about much more than some dirt.  Times have changed.

Kids may not have the control an adult would have.  They see a dollar bill and probably believe they can buy some gum.

Some countries waste no time with drug dealers.  There’s a quick conviction and then the dealer is killed.  Since we don’t want to give up living in an open society, we now have another headache for parents.  No wonder Americans are under such incredible stress when it comes to mental health.

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