This Filer Airbnb would be nice all on its own. It's a lovely farmhouse with lots of amenities. But, as a cherry on top of it all, it also has ducks.

Jessica (and Paul) are the homeowners that listed this. Here's how they describe their part of Filer.

Modern farmhouse bungalow on 5 acre hobby farm located in the quiet countryside of Twin Falls. This sweet little house is attached by a roof line to the main farmhouse which was built in 1910. The covered patio is perfect for summer BBQ and watching the amazing Twin Falls sunsets.

They forgot to mention the ducks, but the reviewers didn't. Check out this review from Sue who stayed there in October.

I don't know where to begin...! We entered the house to be greeted by a fresh bunch of flowers, a welcome basket of goodies, breakfast and cold beers already in the fridge. The bungalow is absolutely stunning, Jessica has incredible taste--everything from the brass taps to lights to seating. Outside it was like a Disney movie, baby goats, geese, chickens, dogs.

OK, geese, but they look like ducks to me.

No smoking or pets, but a very fair asking price of $115 per night. Give a shout to Jessica (and Paul) and ask them about the ducks geese.

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