Every now and then, I enjoy passing along unique Magic Valley Airbnb's that I come across. I found this listing in Hagerman that has crazy nice views and ducks.

It's called the Billingsley Creek Guest House. I'm guessing that's because it's next to a creek. (Yes, should have stayed in school longer.) I can't tell much about the exterior of the home, but the rooms look very well taken care of and the views are to die for.

The owner describes the experience on the listing:

Guests will have access to a private deck as well as a large open space along the creek. There is a fire pit and chairs for use on the main lawn. You can fish and recreate in the creek. Bring wood for the fire, and life jackets if you plan on playing in the creek.

They also mention that you likely won't be happy if you're an AT&T customer trying to get service where this house is located.

But, that sad fact is more than made up for by a plethora of ducks. I can't tell if these are docile ducks or attack ducks, so you'll have to decide if it's worth the risk.

The asking price is a very reasonable $60 per night. I could see many couples choosing this for a nice weekend getaway, if they like ducks watching their every move.

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