Idaho has its own (*ahem*) smell. But, what if you move? Now, you can rest easy. Finally, no matter where you are you can smell like Idaho.

The company you can thank for this is called Homesick Candles. They have created scents that attempt to replicate the smell of different states. So, what's Idaho smell like? Here's their description:

These scents will take you back to the good ol' days in The Gem State with hints of mountain spruce, ski lodge, and open hay fields

Ski lodge? What part of the ski lodge? I have to ask because if you've been behind a dude that's been on the slopes for around 3 hours, you're not gonna wanna smell that when you're sitting in your home.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Even a sweaty skier will smell better than New Jersey.

Despite what you may think, Oregon does not smell like a 5-leaf plant. The claim is it smells like Hazelnut and pears. Sure, Oregon smells like pears. Right.

I'm also disappointed that the Utah candle does not smell like the Osmond family swimming pool.

But, that's not really a problem. After all, we can finally smell Idaho even if we aren't in Idaho. I know what everyone on my Christmas list is getting now.

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