One of Twin Falls newest cat rescue and rehabilitation teams is headed by a former Navy petty officer who moved to the Magic Valley three years ago from Arizona.

Michelle Cracraft operates the Cat Care Team in Twin Falls with a partner of hers. Cracraft and her husband, both former Navy personnel, relocated to Twin Falls from Arizona in 2016. After going through an experience in which she fostered two litters of kittens, Michelle quickly realized there is a great need in the Magic Valley for rescuing, treating, and attempting to find suitable homes for the overwhelming number of stray and feral cats in the Magic Valley.

"Three hundred stray or feral cats in the Magic Valley is a huge underestimate," said Cracraft, when I threw a ballpark number at her of the type of situation we as Magic Valley residents are facing. "One colony I'm working on right now has 200 alone," said Cracraft.

Cat Care Team is a mobile rescue operation in Twin Falls that traps, treats and attempts to relocate these animals. The team provides minor treatment for cats that are found injured or needing help, such as wound care, the administering of antibiotics and vaccinations. Those found with major injuries are transported to area vets.

Cracraft is an owner of five cats herself and retired from the Navy, so she waves adoption fees for other veterans that qualify. Her team became 501-(c)(3) certified in September of 2019, so services can often be written off come tax time due to the fact they are non-profit. The current charge for an adoption (includes vaccinations, spaying and neutering) is $45.

"We treat the animals off-sight. We don't give the public our address because people tend to drop the cats off and leave, said Cracraft. "We are also always looking for barn homes for them, as opposed to placing the cats back in colonies."

Those with questions, donation offerings or other needs, can contact Cat Care Team on its Facebook page, or directly, by calling 208-320-2813.

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