Authorities in Idaho have issued a warning to people that enjoy taking part in activities such as ice fishing after a 40-year-old man drowned in front of family. The incident happened in Bonner County.

A heartbreaking incident happened days ago when a Washington State man named Matthew Best fell through ice while fishing and succumbed to his surroundings. The accident took place on Priest Lake, which is located 65-miles northwest of Sandpoint.

In a recent Bonner County Sheriff's Office release titled, "Ice Fishing Tragedy," details were shared regarding the February 19 incident that claimed the life of Best. The release says the victim got separated from a family member. An attempt to pull Best from the cold water was made by his family member, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.

The retrieval of the victim by area search and rescue and law enforcement was initially called off due to nightfall, but personnel was able to successfully remove the man from the water the following morning, according to the media release shared on February 28.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the victim during what must be a very sad time. Please be careful when spending time near Idaho lakes, streams, or ponds this winter.

There are several videos online that might help a person who finds themself in such an emergency situation as falling through the ice. It requires at least three to four inches of solid ice to support the weight of a person safely, according to ice safety tips provided by Idaho Fish & Game.

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