I have a scenario for you that would make a great (*cough*) SyFy movie. Imagine what would happen if a tornado hit Idaho Power's Jim Bridger coal plant. I found a video that let's you see what it would look like.

According to the YouTube description, this tornado hit Chelyabinsk, Russia a few days ago. This does not appear to be a very strong twister, but the fact that it hit a big bunch of coal turned it into a black monster.

For us in Idaho, this is what would happen if a tornado hit Idaho Power's Jim Bridger coal-fired plant in the eastern part of our state. I hope this doesn't happen because no one wants to see innocent coal harmed, but it sure does look cool.

If SyFy stumbles across this story (Coal-Nado!), I would suggest that Ian Ziering play the scientist who's trying to fire rockets full of lotion into the tornado to try and calm it. That would mean Tara Reid would also have to be in the movie since she's in everything that Ian Ziering is in. She could play the scientist assistant that doesn't have any speaking lines. Or, she could play the tornado. I'm open to all possibilities.

Even if this hypothetical movie never happens, it sure is cool to see a black tornado. But Coal-Nado would be so very cool.

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