There are still several weeks of great weather in Idaho to get out and dig for precious stones. What many southern Idahoans might not be aware of, is the fact that the largest state diamond ever discovered was just a couple of hours northwest of Twin Falls.

Diamonds are perhaps the planet's most incredible, natural creation. They are stones that famous celebrities have sung about, thieves have risked lives over, and common folks have gained wealth from after stumbling across them in the outdoors.

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According to the travel website The Flat, one of the biggest diamonds in North America was found years ago in an 11-mile area between McCall and New Meadows. It measured over 19 carats and was the size of a small ball, and the site is less than a four-hour drive from Twin Falls. A diamond of this size would fetch millions of dollars in today's market.

There are numerous online resources on how to properly hunt for diamonds for Idaho rockhounds that seek these beautiful stones. There's no guarantee of course that seekers will get instantly rich by digging for diamonds near this McCall region, but for most rockhounds, the hunt provides enough of a thrill. The fact a diamond of this magnitude is said to have been found there is inspiration alone for a road trip.

The largest diamond ever found in North America was unearthed in 2018 in Canada, according to KIVI. Just remember to be careful not to dig on private land.

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