You may recall a story out of Pocatello a few years ago where a family dog was killed by a cyanide bomb.  A teenage boy was sickened by the same device.  It was planted on a hillside by the family home and as the two were playing, the dog triggered the release.  The bomb was an animal trap planted by a United States government agency.  I was laboring under the impression that the program had come to an end after the boy dodged death.

Your Government has Quite the Kill Ratio

A story from National Geographic says Wildlife Services accidentally killed 3,000 animals last year with baited bombs.  You can read the story by clicking here.

The goal of the program is to remove animals blamed for depredation.  It seems to me there must be a better way.  I don’t have issues with getting rid of animals that are pests.  I do draw the line at what often amounts to the torture of animals.  Especially those that aren’t the intended targets.  You could try and use computer technology but even that isn’t foolproof.  Have you ever searched the word dog on Google photos and had pictures of cats pop up?

Poison Bombs are Tools of Torture

Frankly, I think guys with long guns are the best remedy.  They know what a varmint looks like.  Give them the opportunity and they’ll clean this mess up without indiscriminate killing.

By the way, government bureaucrats object to being treated like a gaggle of lazy idiots.  I agree that there are many dedicated public servants and they serve honorably.  However, programs like the one involving cyanide traps help create the impression of incompetence.

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