Owyhee County is one of the best-kept secrets of the American west.  Many years ago when I was still driving a Jeep, I filled up and drove from Bruneau Canyon to Buhl.  I may have seen three other vehicles during the ride.  One looked to be a fellow from the Bureau of Land Management.  He was parked and doing some paperwork.  The other two appeared to be on safari like me.

A Trip to Restore Your Energy and Sanity

It’s a trip for people who need an attitude adjustment.  You’re alone in the high desert with your thoughts and the rolling scenery.  Only in Your State recommends one special place for a day trip.  The area around Grand View.  There are fewer than 500 people living in the settlement area.  It’s the territory around the enclave you’ll find breathtaking.  These are places where you simply need to pull over, turn off the music and listen and look.

You could also make the area home if you had an interest in owning a museum.  The Emu-Z-Um, popular with some of my coworkers, is for sale.  The museum’s website explains that with the passing of the founder, you can take over the homestead, farm, and exhibits.  I believe one of my coworkers wrote in more detail about the property being on the market.

Your Batteries Will be Recharged

Owyhee County isn’t for people who have a need to have a lot of social contacts and a mall nearby.  It’s for someone who would like to escape what was called the rat race when I was young.

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