Global warming has been a thing for nearly a century.  I wonder what sort of manmade activity caused it in 1934.  That was the year the hottest temperature in Idaho history was recorded.  Check out this link.  It happened in Orofino, which isn’t even located in a high desert portion of the state.  It’s positioned in the northern panhandle.  The climate resembles the damp and cool northwest.

It was hot across the United States in the middle of the thirties.  Records were set across the northern tier and the Great Plains.  Then the 1940s came along and provided some of the coldest winters in decades.

This week I read a commentary in the Wall Street Journal.  I’m not linking to it because of the strict paywall, but the writer scoffed at the claims made last week that Earth experienced its two hottest days on record.  This was based on weather stations in populated areas and ignored most of the planet where people don’t live.  The claim was also based on computer models, which try and retro-predict weather going back 125,000 years.  It’s a guess.

As for the reading in Orofino, maybe the thermometer was flawed.  When I was a boy, we had a big round thermometer hanging outside.  I discovered if I moved it on hot days that I could get a variety of readings.  Sometimes it would swing 20 degrees.

Is the world getting warmer?  Other than a few small steps backward, things have been getting warmer since the end of the Ice Age.  From what I understand, cold periods swap time with warm periods.  Scientists tell me so.

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