We haven't had many cool videos of our many sights around the Magic Valley lately. That's no surprise since it's winter and freaking cold. But, that didn't stop one brave soul who grabbed his trusty drone and promptly captured drop-dead gorgeous video.

Doug Johnson is the guy to thank for this. According to his YouTube description, he has one of those sweet DJI Phantom Pro 3 drones. Nice. This uber-powerful drone allowed him to get some fairly high altitude video of the Perrine Bridge.

But, it gets WAY better around the :36 second mark. Doug flew his drone over Shoshone Falls and gets some amazing angles on our beloved falls that actually had water going over it. Shocking.

I don't know which day Doug chose to record this drone video, but couldn't have picked a much better day this time of year as he gets a mix of sunshine with snow flurries.

The fact that I was so impressed with Doug's footage probably proves two things. 1. Doug got some great video. 2. I now have Cabin Fever super bad.

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