If area forecasters are correct in predicting the weather pattern for the next 72 hours in southern Idaho, then we can expect to get a taste of some wild, winter weather that won't be letting up until Sunday.

Anyone planning on hang gliding or walking a tightrope in the Magic Valley in the next couple of days, might want to put those plans on hold. Kite owners are heavily encouraged to head outdoors.

Idaho forecasters are saying that winds between 30 and 50 mph, accompanied by widespread rain and snow at higher elevations, will be the norm for much of the rest of the week. Sunday (February 9) still has a chance at decent weather, according to current weather predictions.

The probability for wind to pick up in the Magic Valley sometime between Thursday afternoon and evening is very high, with some forecasters warning of gusts up to 50 mph. The chance for significant snow at elevations lower than 5,000 feet for Thursday is minimal, but it's still there. Several inches are possible at the higher elevations.

I will say that in recent weeks--particularly concerning snowfall for the Magic Valley--I've heard some forecasts that have been off by a mile. But hey, weather is about as unpredictable these days as an Adam Sandler film. Just remember, downed trees and power lines are always a possibility when wind speeds pick up, so taking precautions is a smart thing to do. Batteries, generators, flashlights, water, and other backup supplies, are worth making sure you have access to.

For safety tips on things to remember when the wind becomes strong, click here.

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