A major portion of the western United States just got slammed by a winter storm that didn't let up in some areas for more than two straight days. California probably got hit the hardest over the past 72 hours, but southern Idaho certainly got its share of rain and snow as well.

I was reading on social media recently that a mountain ski resort 70 miles north of Twin Falls had to close the other day due to "overwhelming" snowfall. I've been out of state for the past three weeks and endured a storm that dropped close to 30 inches of snow between Sunday and Tuesday. I have seen numerous pictures of downed trees into the side of houses, and cars buried by snowdrifts since the storms kicked up on Christmas Day.

The record-breaking cold front that swept through the west bulldozed our city, knocking out power, splintering massive trees, wreaking havoc on roadways, and blocking access to our street for close to three days. Hundreds of thousands of people still remain without power in states like California, Idaho, and Oregon.

My wife showed me a picture one of her Twin Falls friends shared on Facebook the other day she took of some icicles that formed on her home. You can actually see where the power of the wind created small, horizontal ice protrusions on these massive frozen daggers. Having lived in Twin Falls for years, I've personally witnessed how the cold temperatures and winds combine to form these crazy weather anomalies.

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