Ducks Unlimited is a nationwide organization that helps preserve and protect wildlife and wetlands. The organization holds events all year long, all over Idaho, collecting money and helping conserve habitats with that money.

The upcoming event in Twin Falls is Saturday, February 12th starting at 5:30 pm. The event is at the Canyon Crest Event Center and there will be food served. It is a great event every single year. It is always a lot of fun. There are usually fun games to participate in, random drawings for guns, gift cards, and more.

Ticket Pricing And What It Comes With

Tickets are all over the place:

  • Single Dinner Package is $80 dollars which include dinner, membership, and a $50 dollar raffle package
  • A couples Dinner Package for $150 dollars gets you two dinners, a membership, and a $100 dollar raffle package.
  • Children 12 and under are $20 dollars. That includes dinner only.
  • Table for eight is $1,200 dollars and it comes with dinner for everyone, memberships, eight $100 dollar raffle packs, and a choice of an item from the Great Guns & Gear Banner. There are usually some pretty great options on it.

Sponsorships and Other Raffle Discounts, Merchandise, Etc Is Available

If you go online to their website, you can still become a sponsor for the event. Sponsors range everywhere from $250 dollars to $630 dollars and it comes with a variety of different things. Sponsors are part of their own drawing for different prizes. Make sure you bring plenty of cash to the event because you are going to want to play these games.

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