Last week I had to make the toughest decision of my life and put one of my dogs down. I still have 2 dogs, and one of them is struggling just as bad as we are with the loss of our goofy pup. Does anyone know how to console a grieving dog?

Before anyone asks, my dog (Lou) had to be put down because he was sick, anemic, not eating, barely drinking and incredibly weak. He couldn't stand on his own. We did what we could but it wasn't good for him.

My female dog, who we affectionately call Monster, because she sleeps under the bed, has been best friends with Lou virtually her entire life. They were inseparable. Now that Lou is gone, she seems just as lost as we are but without the ability for us to explain.

She walks around looking for him, she licks his blankets that we covered him in while he wasn't feeling well, she lays in all of his normal "spots" around the house and occasionally even cries or whimpers. We have been doing everything we can to console her. We are giving her all the extra love and attention we possibly can, we gave her some extra treats, gave her the left over food we specially made for Lou because he wouldn't eat dog food, so she got steak and rice and chicken. But she is still incredibly sad.

Dogs as best friends

I need some advice. She is breaking my heart just as much as having to say goodbye to my amazing and loving Lou dog. If anyone knows what to do to help, please let me know.

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