With Halloween just a couple weeks away, some dog owners in the Magic Valley might need assistance with finding this year's costume for the family pooch.

Our family's English Bulldog, "Babs," will turn 10 years old this November. We have been dressing her up I think every year beginning with her second birthday. Some of the costumes she's wore throughout the years include a bat, a cheerleader and my personal favorite, a Triceratops.

I recently came across the website Chewey.com, which currently has a great selection of costumes for those struggling with ideas. My personal favorite is the K-9 USPS mail carrier.

Good Housekeeping also recently shared its "35 Best Dog and Puppy Halloween Costume Ideas" for 2019. From Beetlejuice, to a Storm Trooper, to the Shark Dog, some of the costumes are hilarious.

I also found a pretty funny video posted in October of 2017 that shows some more great ideas for dog costumes, some of which you can make for just a couple of bucks. For instance, the dog ambulance in the opening of the video can be recreated inexpensively, and is sure to bring attention to your dog.

We haven't decided yet what is in store for Babs for this Halloween. I do however know that she has no choice in the matter, which makes the process all the more fun.

So, if you are having a tough time making a decision, hopefully you'll get some ideas from this. Oh yea, and don't forget to check out the Bulldog-Cheerleader costume :52 into the video. It's hilarious!

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