Fall officially starts on September 22. We will get a visual reminder that the seasons are changing as the leaves begin to change. In Idaho, there are some epic drives you can take to soak in all the changing color awesomeness.

When it comes to fall driving in Idaho, here are a few favorites that I've heard are most excellent.

How can you do better than the Tetons? You can't. This is about a 70 mile drive and takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete, but it's about as good as Idaho gets in the Fall.

I haven't personally done this one because it's way too far north for my tastes, but the nice aspect of the Pend Orielle Scenic Byway is the amazing lake views to go along with the colors on your way to Sandpoint.

This is the most obvious one because it's the closest. However, to truly take in the fall colors here, you need to be prepared to get out of your vehicle and do some exploring.

How adventurous are you? Willing to go to Stanley? Of course you are. But, what about continuing on Highway 21 and going all the way to Idaho City? If so, you'll get some crazy beautiful views of the Boise National Forest.

If you have a good half-day to spare, try a round trip from Twin to Stanley and back. Once you get past the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Sun Valley, it's mountain and tree beauty the rest of the way.

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