Let's be honest, most of us have taken a wash cloth or a hand towel from a hotel that we have stayed at. So you might be sad to know that technology is here to keep you honest.

According to Daily Mail, a company in Miami called Linen Tracking Technology created a tiny, cheap chip that hotels can put in their towels, robes, and other items. More than 2,000 hotels are already using the technology.

Because of this new technology, you might want to think twice before taking something anything from a hotel. I have taken towels on accident before so I am fearful that the police will be calling me asking about hotel towels.

Hotels probably WON'T call the cops on you if you steal their towels.  But they WILL track their towels down and ask for them back... or charge you for them.

Hotels lose up to $50,000-a-year from stuff that gets stolen out of the rooms.  And a survey found that 68% of people sometimes take something bigger than the little soaps or shampoos.

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