Friends have been telling me about 208 Bar and Grill for months.  Over the weekend, I had some fierce cabin fever.  After all, winter appears happy by forever pestering us with clouds and snow.  One of the great things about living in the west is that there are so many things to see and so little time.  I just don’t like driving long distances when it’s snowing.  208 is close to home.

I arrived at 1:30, right after the lunch rush had cleared.  The place was still relatively busy and got busier as I had my lunch. A fellow once told me successful restaurants are places that do a few things and do them well.  208 Bar and Grill does it well.  The menu isn’t extensive, but I watched with my mouth watering as nearby tables received what looked like tacos and onion rings.

You have several burger selections and can build your own.  Which is what I did.  It came on the recommendation of a friend.  Sure enough, he was right.  In some restaurants, the flavor of the burger comes from the condiments.  At 208, you can taste the beef.  It has a steak flavor!  You wouldn’t expect anything less in a community where beef is the local heavy industry.

When I finished eating, I wandered over to the tavern side of the business.  It was closed, but I wanted to see the branding wall.  Local ranchers have been posting their brands to the left of the bar.  I’m impressed, but it looks like the place is going to need a bigger wall.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Credit Bill Colley.

Overall, simple atmosphere, great comfort food, and the staff are friendly.  One of the waitresses remembered me from her previous job.

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