There's an old saying that you don't have a weight problem if you never step on a scale. Maybe that's not an old saying and I'm just rationalizing. Idaho was asked to step on a scale in a recent survey and, as it turns out, we're not in bad shape.

CBS News shared this story about obesity rates among the states. Considering our love for potatoes and eating in general, I expected Idaho to end up on the wrong side of this list. But, I was fortunately wrong.

Just so you understand what this ranking means, the higher the ranking, the fatter the state. That means #1 is the fattest, while #50 is the most fit. Idaho is ranked at #33, which is quite good.

It's not really awesome news, though. The fact that Idaho has an obesity rate of 28.6% is kinda sad. This is kinda like being referred to as the thinnest person in a room where everyone is obese since America has an obesity problem everywhere.

The State of Idaho isn't nearly as happy with the obesity rate as CBS News was. They have a document called The Idaho Obesity Epidemic. Fun stuff.

I have to believe that the fact that Idaho has so many awesome possibilities for outdoor activities helps our cause. I guess more of us need to get outside and take advantage of it.

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