I saw a post from a local politician and he was asking Facebook connections their thoughts about Ammon Bundy.  It was a mixed bag.  Until the middle of July, a great many conservatives and libertarians supported Bundy and his opinions were sought after by a great many people I know.  Then he said he was going to attend a Black Lives Matter event.  Within days he was disinvited from a liberty gathering in Twin Falls.

A couple of weeks ago a friend told me she had watched a video posted by Ammon, where he offered an explanation about his outreach to BLM.  And for the record, briefly I spoke with some B LM demonstrators a few weeks ago.  They appeared to be confused kids.  My friend explained Ammon pretty much was doing the same thing.  Trying to get to the bottom of what motivates the anti-police demonstrators. 

And for the record, briefly I spoke with some B LM demonstrators a few weeks ago.

We also forget the Bundy family had its own issues with federal law enforcement and the family members walk free today because the feds acted in an unlawful manner at Bunkerville.  A judge said so much in telling government prosecutors to take a hike.

After the arrest of Sarah Walton Brady at a Meridian playground, Ammon Bundy and some friends took a bill of grievances to the arresting officer’s home.  I thought it was a bad idea and could’ve ended tragically with one mistake about motives.  I’ve made some choices at times and then second guessed myself and maybe Ammon did the same.  I had no objections when he took the petition to the Governor’s house and affixed it to a door.  Politicians create the laws they expect policemen and women to enforce.  Politicians also need to answer for bad decisions.

Some people believe Ammon Bundy’s arrest for trespassing at the State Capitol is a stunt.  He and two other people refused to leave seating designated for accredited news media, however.  There are limited seats for the press gallery and it suggests some media gets government favors and other media gets the shaft.  And in many ways, Ammon Bundy is a citizen journalist with a great deal of curiosity.  At one point in my life I was a paid journalist.  It’s why I also have the same curiosity about Black Lives Matter.  I'll note, he also defended a home with a blue flag against the BLM mob.

Anyhow, I believe the Facebook video from July 20th is the one where Mr. Bundy explains his planned attendance at a BLM event.  You can see it below:

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