The 4th of July is probably one of the biggest party days of the year. We eat, play, travel,blow things up, camp, and count our blessings. We also usually do all that with groups of people and while we should be focused on how great America is we often put a lot of focus on how great the party is.

Well, worry no more. Thanks to Four Loco we have a list of must haves and to do's for a great party. And, surprisingly, the party doesn't have to circle around alcohol despite it being a list from an adult beverage company.

The list goes like this

  • Party on a Saturday - too bad the 4th is a Wednesday this year
  • At a friends house - nobody wants the stress of hosting
  • Invite 20 people (they can be friends or family)
  • Have beer, chips and dip, hamburgers, grilled corn, and fresh fruit - avoid wraps, bread, and hard liquor
  • Listen to pop music...preferably our station though - no punk rock
  • The party should last 5 hour and 10 minutes

Sure their list sounds like it would work but it may not be for everybody. Use it as a starting list if you are unsure of how to do a proper party this year. Make sure that with all the fun partying you don't miss out on the fireworks shows around the Magic Valley.

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