Here's something you probably never thought about, until now. Who would win in a fight: a Yellowstone bison or an African rhinoceros? In my head, I would think the rhino wins with no problem. Rhinos are huge, armored, and seem a lot more solid than bison, but maybe a bison could stand a chance.

Bison Vs Rhino Video

I came across a video on YouTube where the unlikely battle between a bison and a rhino almost gave us the answer to who would win. The encounter happened in Ohio at a wildlife park.

People have even wondered who would win the battle in online forums. The common consensus is that the rhino easily wins.

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African Buffalo Vs Rhinoceros

I also found a video where a water buffalo literally goes head-to-head with a rhino and really holds his own in the fight. This video was posted to Instagram after being filmed at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa. While the competitor isn't a bison or a North American Buffalo, it's an African Buffalo, you can tell that our bison would hold a similar chance in the fight.

The rhino is massive compared to the buffalo, so how does the buffalo not immediately get destroyed? I feel like this is the animal version of me fighting my son. He's smaller than me but he's stubborn like the buffalo and wouldn't back down.

Do you think a bison could beat a rhino?

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