For anyone looking to try a truly one of a kind, high-adrenaline, group experience in the Gem State, a private adventure group will take you and your friends over 30,000 feet up into the sky for a jump unlike any other.

Scotlyn Ranch is a private, all-inclusive adventure guide group based in Kamiah, Idaho, that has been offering vacation getaways for years. Aside from past outdoor activities including jet boating, horseback riding and ATV trips, they also plan and execute high altitude, low opening (HALO) jumps out of cities such as Boise.

I spoke to a representative with Scotlyn Ranch Friday morning, and he told me all about the process of HALO jumping, which is the type of jump that our military engages in during training excercises. They will arrange to have their professional team take groups up to an altitude of 32,000 feet, a height most of us will only experience flying coach.

According to its official website, the pandemic didn't prevent people from taking advantage of such opportunities, as many 2020 trips were sold out. Obviously, with the cost of fueling planes, travel, equipment, training and staffing, such a unique opportunity does come with a price, but all considered, for those that can afford such an undertaking, the experience itself has to be worth it.

A 2020 YouTube promotional video gives those interested a better look into what HALO jumping is all about. Scotlyn Ranch offers tandem and solo jumps, and prices vary.

For inquiries, or to see about booking a jump, you can email

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