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Well, this is a quandary for environmentalists.  I was looking at the comments on Governor Brad Little’s Facebook page after he posted pictures from a groundbreaking.  For a cobalt mine near Salmon.  The cobalt mine is the only one of its kind in the United States.  A previous mine had been closed because of concerns it was contaminating nearby streams and rivers.  The greenies cheered the closure and probably danced around a redwood with flowers in their hair.

Today, these same granola gobblers insist we need to shelve the internal combustion engine and power our transportation on their flatulence, I suppose.  Or electric vehicles, which require cobalt when it comes to manufacturing batteries.  If the United States ever transforms the domestic fleet, it’s going to require cobalt mining thousands of times greater than what we’ll retrieve from the mine near Salmon (which the operators insist will be safe).  Cobalt is just one of many minerals required, and we still haven’t figured out how to generate the electricity to power the finished product.  Or we have, and it’s called nuclear, which annoys the tree-hugging mafia to the point of rage.

I was reading the book "The End of the World is Just the Beginning" by the political and economic analyst Peter Zeihan.  He outlines the actual amounts needed for the change, and also explains the lightweight materials also needed for the body of an electric vehicle are created through the intense use of fossil fuels.

But liberals want it and liberals will get it, and we’ll get some mining jobs in Idaho.  It would even save the lives of children working as slave laborers in the cobalt mines of Congo.  Don’t you feel warm all over, Lefty?

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