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Now the greenies don’t want you driving at all.  Not even electric vehicles.  Click here and see a new report from the University of California Davis.  The writers believe a switch to an EV fleet won’t save the climate and won’t save the planet.  They even make many of the same arguments I frequently bring up when writing on this topic.  Mining is bad for the environment.  It’s bad for the people often forced to work in mines in parts of the Third World.  The professors argue road construction is also bad.  They believe the answer is bicycles and shopping and working within walking distance of public transit or your home.

A tiny home and on a tiny lot.  Or maybe they’ll stick all of us into cinderblock high-rise apartments.  You understand where this is going.  The Overton Window is moving again and the next measure to control you is to limit your ability to travel and where to live.  I hear echoes of the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum, where participants patted themselves on their backs and talked about the need to control you.

You’re like the Morlocks from the Time Machine.  You need to be controlled or otherwise, you’ll exhaust the food supply.

I believe the elites see places like rural Idaho as good locations for wind turbines because in their plans, they don’t see you on the land.  You’ll be moved to some walkable community far away and fed some plants engineered to taste like meat (Soylent Green is people).  You’ll own nothing and you’ll like it.  You’ll be offered a few more screens to stare at and some games to keep you occupied.  The sooner you die, the better!

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