Whether you plan to buy an electric vehicle or not, there are a lot more of them on the road.  I see them around town almost daily, and sometimes even see someone charging an EV at the Twin Falls Visitor Center.  Something called EV Idaho is planning a public meeting to answer questions about the future.  It’s scheduled for Wednesday at the College of Southern Idaho.  The exact location and time are listed above.  It’s early enough that many people could attend or partially attend the meeting.

The meeting sponsors are the Idaho Transportation Department, Governor Brad Little’s office, and the Department of Environmental Quality.  I’m not jumping to any conclusions about any of the offices endorsing the conversion to an EV fleet, but we’re seeing people purchase electric cars and trucks.  So, where are they going to charge them?

One commenter at the ITD Facebook page suggests the state will provide charging stations, while never competing with gas stations.  If the state does open charging ports, will the money come from the federal government, which is wholeheartedly promoting and subsidizing the switch from gas and diesel engines?  With your tax dollars and borrowed money.

Unless we see a change to a more sober government in Washington, then the age of choice is coming to an end when you buy a car.  If you can afford one in the future.

Remember, that choice is a synonym for liberty.  If you can’t buy a V-8, then you lose some liberty.  If you can’t afford a new EV, then you’re travel options will be limited.  For an additional loss of liberty.

Go to the meeting and be heard.

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