Have you ever come across a reddish, winged, ant-like, furry insect, known to hide out near Idaho crops with a bite severe enough to take a cow down? These insects are known as Red Velvet Ants, but are actually wasps.

I'm not a fan of wasps at all. I've been stung enough by these things so many times that I've grown to really dislike them. I am grateful, however, that none of those stings have come from the insects known as the "Cow Killer."

These six-legged, black, red, and orange pests pack quite a punch. The females are wingless and resemble ants, while the male species have wings and look like wasps.

In case the description of these insects isn't terrifying enough, they apparently make a high-pitched squeak when they move, and they move very fast. From what I've read about them, running around in a field of crops barefoot could be asking for trouble. While its sting isn't strong enough to pose a real threat to humans, the fact they are called "Cow Killers" still leaves an unsettling feeling.

These ant/wasps form shelters in the ground, so the next time you come across what looks like an anthill, you might want to get a second opinion. If your pet comes home after a day out running around near farmland with red spots on its belly, it might have chosen the wrong place to lie down.

A warm, soapy cleaning, followed by some soothing ointment, is the recommended treatment for most stings. Be careful.

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