When it reaches the point in a relationship when one of the participants wants to end it, there are some places you should avoid in Twin Falls if doing it publically. Any business that has weapons within reach or a steep cliff in close proximity isn't a good idea at all to break that type of news.

I'm no relationship expert at all. I have been married though for just over six years and been with the same woman for 16 years. I do still have a dating history, and I know that breaking up is never easy. Sometimes, it can be downright terrifying.

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It's estimated that 70% of couples that separate never get back together, according to 2date4love.com. Obviously, if there's a chance one of the individuals in the relationship is going to be totally blind-sided by the break-up, a public setting isn't a good call at all.

I was just informed that a couple I know in Twin Falls separated, which made me sad. Then, I learned the news was shared at the Bearded Axe on 3rd Avenue South. I couldn't believe what a poor choice of locations this was for that kind of event to transpire.

(Warning: Video Contains Some Naughty Language)

Elevation 486, the Shoshone Falls lookoutPerrine Coulee Falls, and the Canyon Crest Event Center are other locations to avoid in Twin Falls if you're planning on exiting a relationship. Any places surrounded by weapons, water, or 480-foot drops should be avoided because you never know how someone will react to the news.

The Bearded Axe is a great place to hang out and have a good time by the way. For reservations, hours, or other details, click here.

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