The Idaho Falls man who became famous for uploading a TikTok video that showed him riding a skateboard, lip-syncing a Fleetwood Mac tune and drinking juice, has just proposed to his girlfriend of a few months.

Nathan Apodaca, aka "420doggface208," as he's become known as through the social sharing site TikTok, recently popped the question to his girlfriend and Idaho Falls co-worker. The two reportedly met at the potato processing plant they work at together.

TikTok news has reported in a short video that Apodaca traveled to Las Vegas recently with his now fiancé, where he presented her with a $22,000, three-carat ring. The ring was reportedly purchased in Los Angeles.

I have to say, I've loved the videos this dude has cranked out. Shortly after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship earlier this year, Apodaca dropped another video. This time, a bottle of champagne (or something similar) was substituted for the cranberry juice.

For his efforts, Apodaca has received a new truck, appeared on late-night television shows like "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and even popped up in a FOX Sport's Sunday NFL Countdown segment. I'm happy for the man; the video was a much needed distraction from COVID-19 for many of us.

It just goes to show you, that producing something online that is positive and fun--at the right time--can propel a person into instant stardom. It's even better when the effort results in putting a southeast Idaho city of roughly 60,000 on the map, which it most certainly did.

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