Southeast Idaho social media influencer Nathan Apodaca's popularity doesn't appear to show any signs of fizzing out in this new year. The Idaho Falls resident recently shared intimate life stories in a new interview by Rolling Stone.

Nathan Apodaca (aka "doggface208") became an international celebrity late in 2020 after posting a video that went viral all over the world on the Chinese social-sharing site Tik Tok. Apodaca published a clip of him riding a skateboard, drinking cranberry juice and lip-syncing to the Fleetwood Mac tune, "Dreams."

The video shot to well over 40 million views in a matter of days, and life as this Idahoan knew it, was forever changed. Apodaca was gifted a new truck by Ocean Spray, proposed to his girlfriend, appeared in a commercial with Snoop Dog, purchased a new Idaho Falls home and was interviewed by television hosts from coast to coast, all in the final few weeks of 2020.

Rolling Stone magazine recently interviewed him in a long-running segment they call "First Time," where they ask celebrities questions about their first time being introduced to various life experiences. He discussed everything from taking his first sip of Ocean Spray juice to his first time listening to Fleetwood Mac, as well as his first time getting a tattoo and getting in to trouble with the law.

Nathan's video proved to be a much needed distraction from the realities of living through perhaps the worst health and unemployment crisis in United States history. I continue to wish the best for Nathan and his family.

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