The Idaho Falls man whose late-September video became the talk of the nation, including a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo, is at it again, and this time showing his loyalty for the world champion Los Angeles Lakers.

One thing we haven't known about Nathan Apodaca until now, is that he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan. The team just recently won its 17th franchise championship after beating the Miami Heat in six games. Although I'm not a Lakers fan, I did grow up just a few miles from Staples Center, and it's great to see others in Idaho representing the "City of Angels."

Apodaca uploaded his now viral video to TikTok roughly three weeks ago, and it has become a global phenomenon. What began as a half-minute video of himself skateboarding to work, lip-syncing a Fleetwood Mac song and sipping off a cranberry juice bottle, has landed him a new truck from the juice maker, as well as international fame.

latest video upload on Twitterthat's NOT cranberry juice!also posted a video

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