Where’s your limit?

I’ve been a little gun shy lately when I make predictions on where gas prices are going.  I’ll read some of the best guesses of analysts and then pen a story about a big increase coming.  The next day, the pump price drops a nickel!  Long-term trends are still warning of much higher prices and have been around for several months.

Events Beyond Our Control Threaten Our Economy

Now we’re in serious turmoil as a crisis unfolds between Russia and Ukraine.  Two years ago, our country became a net exporter of energy for the first time in a half-century.  President Trump, mean tweets and all, was willing to seek energy wherever he could.  He recognized energy independence as a national security strategy.  Then along came Bumbling Biden.  He began by appeasing the granola gobblers on his leftward flank.  Energy independence was gone like the flicker of a meteor.

Check out the third paragraph of this link.

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

We Need to Use Our Own Resources

For all the talk about alternative energies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are ramping up investments in their petroleum-pumping futures.  China and India are burning large amounts of coal.  The American left is opposed to anything that comes from below the ground or has the words fission or fusion attached.

When Mr. Biden demanded his Canadian vassal stamp out dissent, the Canadian Prime Minister failed to get a concession by having Biden stand down in his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

This Time I'm Spooked

Look, I’ve been on this planet since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  While I don’t see a war with rockets anytime soon, the prospects for our economy may be the worst of the last 60 years.  Fuel prices are a major cause.  Bad planning and liberals living in fantasy land.  That’s how we got here.

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