Idahoans don’t need to wait 45 days to buy a gun.  Imagine having to wait until next year.  The Washington Free Beacon carries a story out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  You need a permit issued there.  In some states the requirement for a pistol permit is 5 references.  I’m not sure about Pennsylvania but I lived in two contiguous states and that was the law. 

We’re lucky in Idaho.  Or at least if you want a gun.

When COVID-19 struck, some states closed gun shops as non-essential services.  The states then lost court challenges and the gun dealers again opened doors.  It doesn’t mean buying a gun is easy.

In Philadelphia permit requests are processed by law enforcement.  There’s a backlog of requests.  A great many people who’ve never before owned a firearm are looking at neighborhood conditions, the political climate and an uncertain future.  A medical supply salesman who spoke to the Beacon doesn’t believe anyone in Pennsylvania is dragging the process out on purpose.

We’re lucky in Idaho.  Or at least if you want a gun.

In all the toxic debate over the next Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, we hear little about the Second Amendment.  Roe v. Wade is driving the strife, although.  If Roe were ever overturned, it wouldn’t make abortion illegal nationally.  States would craft their own policies.

The Second Amendment is the forgotten plank of the Bill of Rights.  There hasn’t been a major argument on guns before the high court in a decade.

You begin to wonder if there is slight of hand.  Watch the gyrations of Roe.  Pay no attention to gun rights slipping away in the background.

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