We call them out when we don’t like how they vote.  I guess we can praise them when we like how they vote.  Idaho’s two U.S. Senators both had no votes on the latest gun bill to make the rounds around Capitol Hill.  Republicans and Democrats are split 50/50 in the chamber.  If a tie-breaking vote is needed on a straight party-line measure, then Vice President Kamala Harris puts the Democrats over the top.  She wasn’t needed Tuesday night.  Fourteen Republicans broke ranks and voted with the other side.

Crapo and Risch Said No!

Mike Crapo and Jim Risch held firm.  They said no.  Senators received the 80-page bill two hours before a vote was scheduled.  There wasn’t much time for discussion.  Fourteen Republicans who joined the other side are the usual suspects.  They include names like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.  None are reliably Republican, and they often vote with the goal of pleasing liberal media.

As of this morning, the same liberal media was struggling to explain the contents of the bill.  The Washington Post alluded to money for school safety and mental health (noble ideas) but had little more on any new gun restrictions.  Other than to whine there wasn’t a ban on what reporters call “assault weapons”.

It's Not the Gun

Last night’s vote came hours after testimony from a panel in Texas that the response to law enforcement cost lives.  Raising the question, was the gun the problem or the lack of good guys willing to quickly use guns?

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