For parents who have ever posted to social media when seeking help with childcare, an Idaho health department is firmly advising against such actions.

When it comes to my children, if it's not family, it's nobody. I have heard too many babysitting horror stories to trust someone I barely know with my children's welfare. I understand some people don't have many options when it comes to childcare, but when you post to social media about needing assistance with your child's supervision, you are giving complete strangers more information about your life then you maybe realize.

It's estimated that as many as 50,000 online predators are seeking out such windows every time you use your computer, according to kidguard. Further studies suggest that 50% of internet-related sex crimes happen from strangers gaining knowledge of potential targets through photographs and other information given out on social media sites.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare recently posted a warning to parents about the dangers of looking to social media for help with childcare. In the post dated March 14, the department lists a few local websites they encourage parents to first check out before putting anything up on Facebook or other sites.




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