My wife and I have a case of technology fever going on right now. What was supposed to be one doorbell camera has now turned into us fully arming our home with three security cameras covering 180 degrees of front yard, street, and neighborhood.

I finally broke down and ordered some cameras for our home. It started with a single Ring camera and has morphed into a command center on my phone that rivals the Pentagon. The Magic Valley neighborhood I live in has its share of problems, so I figured it's better to be safe than sorry.

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I'm currently armed with one Ring doorbell camera, and two WYZE cameras covering the street, driveway, and grove. I got all three cameras for about $100, and they're all controlled to run from an app on my phone. It's been an interesting first couple of days since we hooked them up.

The funniest moment we captured on video was a solicitor getting scared stiff by a Halloween jumping spider display we have near our front door. She actually jumped back so far that she almost fell down our stairs. Then, Wednesday morning (Oct 19) , we got an alert that was a bit freaky at 3 AM.

"There's a person at the front door," our Alexa shouted at its highest volume from our 7-year-old son's bedroom. Thankfully, he didn't wake up. My wife and I sure sprung out of bed. The first thing we did was check our apps on our phones. There was nothing there. Just total darkness and tree limbs.

attachment-deer (1)
Greg Jannetta; WYZE

After reviewing the footage, all I discovered was that we'd been visited by a massive deer that tripped a motion light. Its silhouette was captured in one of the images. It's something else to be awoken in this manner. I'm guessing the camera glitched, and it would be great if it doesn't happen again.

Have you ever had a situation like this with your Idaho home security system?

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