More and more Idahoans are arming their homes with security cameras. These cameras send alerts directly to our smartphones, and sometimes those alerts can be very misleading and humorous at the same time.

A couple of months ago I wrote a story about getting alerted to a "person at my front door" in the middle of the night. After reviewing the footage at 3 A.M. after springing out of bed, I discovered it was a large deer that had tripped a camera over my garage door. This incident was the first of its kind after getting my new cameras installed, and since it happened I've had more funny surprises show up in the darkness of night.

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Ring and WYZE cameras are pretty inexpensive to buy. Nowadays, we can arm every angle of our property for not a lot of money at all. Last year, I bought a doorbell camera and two exterior cameras that record the front of my property for less than $100. Instead of capturing crimes in progress, it's been more like a web camera for a petting zoo around my place.

The darndest thing I've captured on my cameras to date happened In December of 2022, just days before Christmas. I received a "motion" alert in my driveway. Upon further review, I watched a fox take off with an Amazon package I had ordered and drag it over into a neighbor's yard. That little bastard I thought.

Monday morning (January 30), this plump raccoon did a balancing act on my railing. It stared at our front door camera as if to say, "got anything in there to eat?" I got another alert at 12:30 A.M. saying there was a "person" at my door.

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Ring; Greg Jannetta
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Ring; Greg Jannetta

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