The biggest holiday of the year for fireworks in the United States is on Monday. After years of worsening fire seasons due largely to drought throughout the country, law enforcement officials are taking new measures in an effort to create safer celebrations.

From coast to coast, law enforcement is taking steps never before tried to help prevent destructive wildland fires as the U.S. gears up for the Fourth of July holiday on Monday. In some states, illegal sales online have been intercepted, and in southeast Idaho over the past weekend, three people were arrested for reported drug possession after police responded initially to confiscate unlawful fireworks.

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As far from Idaho as Massachusetts, a large haul of illegal fireworks were confiscated over the weekend, and in the west, states such as California have been monitoring online sales and warning residents that such transactions will be met with fines and possible jail time. Such task forces are the result of state law enforcement teaming with wildland management personnel, and after the terrible fire season Idaho had in 2021 that cost hundreds of thousands of acres, there's no reason to think the same type of preparations aren't underway in the Gem State.

Safe and sane fireworks are again the only type allowed to be used by residents in southern Idaho and across the rest of the state. Fireworks that explode and rain down sparks, such as mortars and other aerials, are illegal in Idaho.

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