The Fourth of July holiday is rapidly approaching. Every year in Twin Falls, people light off illegal fireworks and city police attempt to locate the guilty parties. Wouldn't it make sense that an area be created within the county where it's acceptable to use these types of celebratory party favors?

Our country's Independence Day will arrive on Tuesday, and the illegal fireworks will likely start in the days leading up to it. I've lived in Twin Falls long enough to know that aerial fireworks are currently stashed in many homes throughout the city. Our neighborhood sees a great deal of these fireworks being set off in the days prior to (and following) the Fourth of July celebration.

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Although aerial fireworks are only allowed to be set off at planned, city events, I think most of us enjoy the fact that our neighbors also provide this type of entertainment. I'm not going to lie, safe and sane fireworks are great for kids, but I much prefer watching mortars explode in the sky above me.

Almost every year, we read stories about fires getting started in neighborhoods by people using aerials, so why not create a designated area where they're legal. Certainly, a defensible space could be cleared somewhere in the county where the likelihood of a fire is low.

There also isn't exactly the threat of starting a forest fire in Twin Falls. The Jerome side of the canyon across the Perrine Bridge would be an ideal spot for such an endeavor.

Should the city allow aerial fireworks at a safe location for the public?

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