Every year in Idaho in the days leading up to the Fourth of July, state law enforcement and fire management exhaust time and resources warning residents about the dangers of illegal fireworks such as mortars. Every year this advice goes ignored and neighbors clash when some of these fireworks go astray and pose potential problems.

Mortars are illegal to light off in Twin Falls unless they are part of a city-planned event with fire personnel standing by in case anything goes awry. The first thing I read this morning was a Twin Falls social media exchange between numerous residents complaining about the weekend's celebration. Fireworks were once again the topic of these posts, and mortars exploding above homes not those of the individuals setting them off was the main gripe.

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It appears that most Twin Falls Fourth of July celebrations this year were executed in a relatively safe manner. I didn't hear of any major catastrophes. The city events such as the show at the College of Southern Idaho once again entertained the masses. There were numerous videos shared to sites such as Facebook that showed residents enjoying themselves.

I was out of town this past weekend and on Monday, but I got some feedback from my neighbors and it wasn't pretty. "Battlefield," was the word used by a friend who claimed mortars exploded well past midnight into Tuesday. Having lived in the presidential neighborhood section of Twin Falls for years, aerials are extremely popular.

There are no doubt a lot of tired people in Twin Falls this morning.

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