Even though California was home to the first recorded image of the bipedal legend that has become known as Bigfoot, the state is apparently not his favorite place to lurk in the shadows of trees. Idaho does see its share of sasquatch reports, but compared to the rest of the country, it's very apparent that the "greatest hide and seek champion of all time" spends its days and nights elsewhere.

I've been pouring over reports published by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for the past five years. I've used this information to write about Idaho sightings numerous times. It's hard to believe that the big hairy guy wouldn't love spending time in the Gem State due to the fact that national forests cover more than 40 percent of Idaho, according to Idahoforests.org.

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I do feel bad for Bigfoot seeing as he's never had the opportunity to visit Hawaii. The state with the most "credible" sightings is Washington State, according to the folks at the BFRO. A list was compiled by the BFRO and shared on newsnationnow.com just a few months ago that reveals the top 10 states with the most reported sightings.

Idaho did not make the list, despite the perceptions of others that think the Gem State is terrorized by sasquatch. Washington, California, and Florida have the most sightings on record, according to BFRO numbers.

I saw a pretty funny YouTube video the other day that was posted earlier this month that supports this thinking that Idaho campers are seeing the muscle-bound beast regularly. I've spent many nights camping in central and southern Idaho, and I have yet to see any trace of Bigfoot, not even a turd.

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