This is a video you have to watch. This guy claims the item in the video is the head of Bigfoot and it's been in the family freezer since 1953. There is some questionable language about one minute into the video, so watch with discretion.

For real this guy thinks his family killed the Bigfoot, pulled it from a swamp and cut it up into manageable pieces. You only get to see the head in this video but he also claims to have the other parts of the creature including the male anatomy, hands, and feet. You can see more of those videos below. The head alone weighs 120 pounds according to the YouTuber.

I honestly can't tell if this guy actually believes what he has is a real Bigfoot head or if he knows the whole thing is a sham. Actually, if you watch any of his other videos you can tell this is all just a big joke. But, he is convincing and has no doubt convinced at least a few people that his find is real as the video has nearly 2 million views.

This year should be monumental for his fans as towards the end of the video he claims the head will be part of the Bigfoot Museum of North America, which he planned to open on 2020. A fun park with Sasquatch themed rides is said to follow. The North American Bigfoot Center is an actual place located in Boring Oregon, but there is no theme park associated with it yet.

For what it's worth, this guy is dedicated to the idea that he has a frozen Bigfoot carcass in his freezer. He has around 200 videos dedicated to his prized possession.

Bigfoot has been in the news quite a bit lately as traffic cameras in Washington are believed to have caught footage of him and people in Canada seem to think they heard a Bigfoot last year.

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