Idaho may have its first legitimate Bigfoot sighting of 2023. A hiker has shared footage of what appears to be a large-sized, dark object trying to stay out of view behind some branches in a wooded area of the state.

Sightings of Sasquatches become more frequent in the spring and summer months in North America. The weather is warming up and people are beginning to spend more time outdoors. And where there are people, there are cell phones.

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Could an Idaho hiker actually have recorded the elusive, bipedal creature known as Bigfoot while on a recent trek in the Gem State backcountry? Common sense says it's not likely, but then again, most of us didn't think aliens really existed until recent military acknowledgment.

Reports of Bigfoot in Idaho are not uncommon. In the past 50 years, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has logged numerous reports of the half-man, half-ape creature in and around the Gem State. The most recent Idaho reports published by the BFRO were filed in Clearwater and Shoshone counties in November of 2021.

A new video has been uploaded to YouTube on the channel of thatsthetruth7489 and shows something interesting. Although the camera angle doesn't show definitive proof of anything other than an object moving slowly behind some branches and bushes, it does appear to have captured something large that didn't want to make itself known. It might very well be a deer, a bear, or some other animal, but the individual who recorded the footage has identified it as Bigfoot.

If only the hiker had attempted to move away from behind the trees, we might have been given some better proof of what exactly was caught on film. There's no description of where exactly in Idaho the footage came from.

Having seen the video for yourself, what do you believe the hiker captured?

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